CEFR English

CEFR English. The European Union has developed a Common European Framework Reference (CEFR) to help people have a general idea about their language ability in a foreign language. Below I have summarized the self-assessment statements for people who want to have an idea of their ability, but who don’t want to take and English language level test such as TOEIC or TOEFL.

CEFR English Level A2

I can understand and say short sentences and phrases that describe my personal information, my work, shopping and local geography. I can understand the main points of short messages and announcements.

CEFR English Level B1

I can understand and talk about things that regularly occur in my personal and work life. I can also understand the main points of radio or television programs that are about current events or that are personally or professionally interesting to me. I can use simple language to describe my experiences, hopes and plans for the future. I can give reasons and explanations for my opinions and plans.

CEFR English Level B2

I can understand and follow the content of most business meetings. I can follow fairly complex arguments if I am familiar with the topic. I can understand television and radio programmes so long as the dialogue is mostly in a standard dialect. I can present detailed descriptions on a wide range of topics, and give explanations of my viewpoint on topics in my field of interest.

CEFR English Level C1

I am comfortable using English on a daily basis. I can understand most television and radio programs without having to concentrate too hard. I can give detailed explanations of complex topics.